Well here it is, almost a full month into the new year.  I figured it is now time to sit down at this here computer of mine (new Macbook Pro 
btw) and let all those who care, know what has been going on with me over the past few weeks, and what’s in store for the future.

My first assignment for the year, had me flying to Sin City (Vegas, 
baby!) to shoot a band called Streetlight Manifesto.  
 Arriving in the morning I had plenty of time to grab some lunch at Applebee’s (the quesadilla burger was superb), before heading to the 
location to figure out what I was going to do with the band.
The venue they were to be playing was located in what was the old section of the strip, but is now what looks like one big ugly mall.   I forget the name of it, Eliza’s or something.   More of a family fun center then a rock club, I was originally thinking I was up for yet another challenge.  What to do with a band in a location that is completely uninspiring?  Looking around a bit, I was overjoyed to discover a bowling alley on the second floor, and after gaining permission from the manager,  I set up for the shoot.   And it was a total success.  The guys (all seven of them) were quite nice and willing to take my directions and “act” a bit for the camera.

No sooner had I returned home, that I got a call from the photo editor at Guitar World Magazine, who wanted me to shoot a feature for them on the legendary bass player/singer for thrash metal band POSSESSED, Jeff Becerra.  So yeah, I was pretty psyched, having not yet shot a feature for GW.
Long story short, the shoot went well, Jeff was a trip, imagine your favorite

 metal head buddy from High School.  He was super into the shoot, and was full of stories from back in the day.   
Look for the images soon in Guitar World Magazine.

Almost ready to announce the changes to my website, jeremyharris.com.

Finally found a cool and talented designer to work with (Jacob Meggers), who’s working hard to come up final designs for my bio and contact pages, plus new logo and first e-promo of the year.  I’ve seen first drafts and the $%&# rock!

But first, heading to New England tomorrow to continue work on my American Asylums book.  Re-visiting two hospitals, one of which is scheduled for demolition in a couple of months.   Looking forward to the cold weather and excitement.  Plus meeting new people (Ryan X Promise).  Should be fun.