So I’m walking down the street yesterday morning in SOMA, my belly full of frittata and home fries (having just had brunch with Emily).   Suffering from lack of sleep (crazy fun previous night), and a little preoccupied, lost in my own world.  Pondering.  (I’ve been doing that a lot lately).

I decide to give Tom a call.  
As I cross the intersection of Folsom and 7th, a guy in a car pulls up in the bus stop to the left of me.  I hear a voice…..”Hey!  Hey buddy!  Did you lose some money!  Hey!”
I excuse myself from my phone conversation, thinking, WTF?!  Money?  Lose?  Buddy?
The guys yelling to me from his driver side window as I walk up to him.  
“Hey, man, did you lose $16?  You dropped this in the alley back there.  It fell out of your pocket as you were walking away!”
He hands me the small wad of cash, that yes, I had absentmindedly tucked into my front pocket earlier in the morning, and apparently had dropped when I pulled out my cell phone.
I’m flabbergasted.  Apparently this good samaritan saw me drop my dough, got in his car, and chased me down to return it.  
All I can think to say to him as he drives away, is, “Thanks man, it’s good to know there are still good, honest people out there”.