One thing I cherish more then anything else these days is my relationships with my friends.  My best friend, being Tom Story, who’ve I’ve known for many years.  
He’s married now, with a beautiful daughter and a son on the way.  So we don’t get to hang out as much as we used to.  
He’s also the staff photographer at Sunset, a 100+ year old magazine that covers home, garden, and travel in the western states of the US.  He travels quite a lot on assignment, and sometimes, when his regular assistant is unavailable, I will go along with him.
On this particular weekend, we drove down south to LA along the 101 freeway.  Stopping to photograph a beautiful beach called Point Buchon, near San Lois Obispo.  Unfortunately the path to the beach was closed so we were only able to shoot from the cliffs above.  Not bad though, in the late afternoon sunlight.
When in Los Angeles, we stayed at a cute and hip hotel called the Farmer’s Daughter, which I found to be quite comfortable, and rather photogenic.  
The following selection of images are from there.  Tom and I, while waiting for dinner (outside patio), messing around taking photographs in the nice evening light.