Well faithful readers, I have good news. It has come time for me to pack up my business and move on to greener pastures. The Bay Area has been good to me, but alas, The Big Apple is calling.
So come January of ’09, I will be a new resident of New York City.

How did this come about? Well as you all know, for the past few years, I have not only been traveling back east every few months to work on my personal project, but I have been marketing to many magazines and agencies in NY. This marketing campaign has worked in that photo editors and art buyers know my name, but there just doesn’t seem to be many assignments here in good old San Francisco.

Having just gotten back from a two week stay in NY, I have realized that I need to be where the clients are located. I had a great time stopping by various magazines, seeing editors that I know and have worked with on occasion, and meeting new ones. It was a very positive experience on the whole.

I also did my first big shoot there for Kerrang! Magazine in the UK. A wonderful weekly magazine who has been a great client for over three years now.
They hired me to shoot a cover/feature on the band Mindless Self Indulgence.
I rented a studio at Eagles Nest, in Manhattan for the day, which was a great place to shoot, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing a studio.

Needless to say, the shoot went very well, and I hope more work in NY will be coming from this client in years to come.

Here are a few images I made while I was there, from my adventures to Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn, to Norristown State Hospital, various locations around the city, and lastly, my shoot with MSI.