Had the pleasure of traveling to Atlanta last weekend to shoot a 2 page feature and poster for UK rock mag Kerrang! They were to be playing the Scion Fest with 20 or so other bands, most of which I’d never heard of but headling the bill was a favorite of mine Mastodon. So yeah, I was psyched.
The trip started well, though realize now that I’m going to start renting gear in the city I’m shooting whenever possible. US Air now charges $20 per checked bag, and an extra $50 for any bag over 50lbs. With my stand case and light kit (weighing in at a hefty 64lbs) I got hit with a $180 fee! Yikes.
Met up with the writer at JFK, a UK ex-patriot now Brooklynite named Daniel. I fine fellow, this I know having worked with him a few times in the past.
We flew into Atlanta on Friday night. It was pouring rain and the weather report predicted rain the following day (shoot day) as well, something I decided I would not worry about until the time came. I always manage to make it work.
The next day, I awoke to grey skies, the reports calling for rain early, cloudy the rest of the day. Looks like I was in luck! My friend and assistant for the day, Shawn May drove to the venue to meet up with Daniel, the guys from Prosthetic Records (Kylesa’s label), and the band, and to scout locations. As we drove up to the venue (11am), a ramshackle old converted warehouse called The Masquerade, we were amazed by the 600 or so kids lined up along the front of the place around the side ally and around the back.
Driving around the vicinity of the venue we came upon a few location options for the shoot, my favorite being a vacant lot, with dense woods overgrown with ivy. Kylesa is a native Georgia band, so I thought it fitting to put them in a southern forest.
So after setting up our lighting and doing some tests (some of which I’l going to show here, as Shawn was quite photogenic), the band arrived, did thier interview with Daniel, and were kind enough to give me 90 minutes of thier time. They were a fairly easy bunch to work with, and into my direction. I particulary enjoyed talking with the two singer/guitarists, Laura and Philip, both of which I got some one on one time with to shoot individual portraits for more Kerrang! articles.

Hopefully I’ll get to see them again in May when Kylesa comes to NY to support Mastodon.
Have a look at next weeks Kerrang! Magazine for more images.