First of all, I kind of hate it.

But it must be done, especially in this day and age. I’m beginning to realize that all the promo cards and e-mail blasts, and portfolio drop offs only do so much towards getting you closer to that big job (or any job for that matter). It’s WHO YOU KNOW and who knows you, and who can refer you.
So, I have been trying, since I’ve come to New York, to make it to every social function I possibly can (especially those with free snacks and booze), to mingle and meet. Other photographers, Stylists, Hair and Make-up people, producers, and ESPECIALLY those who have the real power, the art buyers, and photo editors. So far I’ve only become aquainted with more of the former then the latter, buy hey, I’ve only been here 6 months, give me a break!

Last night I attended a networking event hosted by Adhesive NYC who’s sole mission I can tell so far, is to bring creative people in this city together in a fun environment to mingle, have a few drinks, and share business info.
This one was held at an interesting place called The Frying Pan, essentially a light ship built in 1929 that’s docked at Pier 66 in the Hudson River Park. It’s pretty cool because you can get on the boat and explore it and stuff while drinking beer from the bar on the barge next to it. You can check out the cabins and the engine room, and there’s even a couch where you can hang out!

Anyway, I digress.

So here I am at the big networking event with my new friend Cristin Shea, a Producer who runs Found Productions, (who btw is also from SF) and my friend Erin who is not new, but really young.
So we’re hanging out, drinks in hand, looking at all these people. None of which we know! Something I really am not used to, seeing as that I lived in SF for almost 20 years and knew almost EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE CITY! Seriously, that’s why I had to leave.
We’re looking at all these people, just wondering who was who and who does what and talking about how hard it is to just go up to a person you’ve never met to just say, “Hi, I’m _______”. I mean for me it’s not impossible, but for some reason, last night was tough. So I say to Cristin, “ok, we’re going to play a game, you pick out someone or a group of people in conversation, and I’ll go up to them to introduce myself. If I come back with a business card, it’s your turn!”.

A good idea, really. One that I’ll certainly try next time. Good thing there’s another Adhesive event in 30 days.