Well this was certainly a fun one, and quite different from the Warped Tour in many ways.  Maybe it was NY vs. New Jersey, or maybe the demographic was completely different, I dunno.  Let’s just say I saw more bad tattoos and wife beater sun burns in one place then I ever before.  Ever see a kid with LAMB OF GOD tattooed on his chest?  I did?  How about a young woman with the lyrics to a KORN song tattooed down her left arm?  She was there….front row.  Right behind me.  I guess this is testament to the loyalty of metal fans.  (yeah, right).
In any case, I did have a blast, hanging with Kerrang! writer Bob Newhart, who like I, shared a fondness for the Mutter Museum and real Philly Cheesesteaks.  Speaking of real Philly cheesesteaks, Pat’s is way better then Gino’s….but that’s a discussion for another entry.
Enjoy the photo spread and my favorite out-takes.

Littlest Lamb Of God fan.
These kids got kicked out of Warped Tour.
This guy eats Warped Tour kids for breakfast.