Years ago, before MCR  hit it big, I was hired by Kerrang! Magazine, to photograph Frankie Iero,  the guitarist (photos from that set are still in my book btw).  That night, the band performed in a small club on Market St. called the Cafe Du Nord.  The place was packed, although at the most there were 150 people.  I just knew they would hit it big, so after the show I asked if I could do a full group shot.  They were happy to oblige.  
A couple of years later,  I flew to LA to do a shoot with MCR’s singer, Gerard Way,  for the same magazine.  In a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.   
Here it is, maybe 7 years later (I forget), and I got a chance to photograph them once again, when they performed for a special audience of about 300 at the P.C. Richardson & Son Theatre in New York.  The client: Clear Channel’s iheartradio (see the live performance and interview here.)
Before the concert, I had a few minutes for a couple of band portraits.  Unfortunately Ray, the other guitarist was not able to make it, but Gerard, Frankie, and Mikey were once again very friendly and accommodating, even remembering me from the shoot we did years ago.
I have photographed shows at this theatre many times and have never seen the crowd rush past the barriers in front to get at the band!  This time they did, within seconds.  Luckily, I was to the side at the time, otherwise I might have been crushed.  Needless to say, the show was fantastic.