I must say, from the very first few minutes shooting behind the scenes of Sara’s interview, where she talked about how she loves to cuss like a sailor, I knew I was going to like this woman.   
We did a portrait shoot in the old video storage room (not dirty and filled with left over junk) which made for an unusual location, as well as in front of the famous loading dock doors.  She was funny, quirky and really easy to work with.
Sara’s live performance also blew me away!  Her voice was so beautiful and her between songs banter with the crowd was hilarious.  She did a breathtaking cover of Cold Play’s “Yellow”.  The performance was going out live on the internet, and she let a few “F Bombs” fly, knowing full well she was going to send a wave of panic through the corporate powers that be.  That’s pretty punk rock in my book.

Thanks Sara, I hope we get to meet again.