Rodney Atkins for iheartradio

I had the pleasure of working with country singer Rodney Atkins a few days ago, for  Rather then the typical portrait, I wanted to do something a little more loose and documentary in style with him.  Happily he was totally amenable to my suggestions and was quite fun to work with.  My original idea was to do a “30 minutes in the life” sort of thing, having Rodney waiting for a subway train, coming up out of the tunnel, stopping to get a hot dog, and eventually making his way to the back stage door.  Unfortunately, by the time we made it out the location, the hot dog cart had disappeared!  Regardless, it was a successful portrait session.  Rodney was one of the friendliest, most down to earth people I’ve ever photographed, and I hope to see him again someday.  Maybe for a hot dog.

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Professional portrait/lifestyle/music photographer based in Brooklyn New York.
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One Response to Rodney Atkins for iheartradio

  1. Amy Heiden says:

    Now I understand what you meant by the hot dog comment on Facebook. Great shoot.

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