I’ve been to plenty of music fests, and I’ve got to admit, this was one of the best.  Totally mellow, with helpful staff, tasty and relatively inexpensive food (hand dipped jalapeno corn dog: $5), and free water refills!  There were a ton of classic cars and motorcycles, and a museum featuring Kirk Hammet’s collection of horror memorabilia.  The line-up was great as well, haven been hand picked by Metallica.  Black Angels (one of my current favorites), Ghost (from Sweden), Gary Clark Jr. (an amazing blues/rock guitarist in the vain of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmy Hendrix), and Sepultura, among others.  Needless to say, I was really psyched to finally see Metallica live.  Yeah, you’d think I’d have seen them by now, but nope.  They opened with a few classic hits, and then played the Black Album in it’s entirety.  Epic and one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.