Located on Todt Hill on New York’s Staten Island sit what’s left of eight original pavilions designed in 1905 to house patients with tuberculosis.  Four men’s wards and four womens wards.  Designed by Raymond F. Almirall, the wards were spaced in a fan-like formation in order to maximize sunlight and the curative sea air.  In 1973 the men’s wards were demolished, the women’s wards left to sit, slowly decaying.

This was my 4th or 5th trip back to see these magnificent structures.  This time exclusively photographing with my Fujifilm X-Pro 1.  A camera which I find to be perfect for locations such as this.  My whole kit, consisting of a body and two lenses, the 18mm and 35mm, weigh next to nothing, and I absolutely love the built in grid, level, and timer features.

Here are a few shots from the day.  I shot RAW and processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.