My Neighborhood, Under Snow 2.9.13

I love my neighborhood, Crown Heights Brooklyn.  At night, lit only by the street lights, there are typically people out, and traffic at all hours.  During the wee hour of the morning on Sunday, this was not the case, as we were in the midst of a snow storm.  Certainly not the biggest we’ve had, which allowed me to go out and photograph.  I was only out for a couple of hours and didn’t go too far, but this is what I saw.

harris_130209-1677Bergen Street

harris_130209-1678harris_130209-1679harris_130209-1680 harris_130209-1684

Kingston Ave at Bergen

harris_130209-1681harris_130209-1686Kingston Avenue

harris_130209-1687harris_130209-1691Atlantic Avenue under the LIRR

harris_130209-1692St. Andrew’s Playground

harris_130209-1700harris_130209-1707harris_130209-1711harris_130209-1701harris_130209-1712harris_130209-1716Fulton Street at Kingston Avenue


Fulton Street at Thompkins

harris_130209-1720Fulton Street

harris_130209-1728Brooklyn Avenue



About jeremyharrisphotography

Professional portrait/lifestyle/music photographer based in Brooklyn New York.
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163 Responses to My Neighborhood, Under Snow 2.9.13

  1. richardhaas8 says:

    Some beautiful snowscapes! Wondering if the reflecting ligh from the snow made things difficult?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. wrencoe says:

    I love how desolate the streets look. Not one sign of life.

  3. Morten says:

    This is what we have every year here in Scandinavia….. and we don’t stay inside 🙂 Anyway, nice pics and interesting to see how the streets are empty in a major city of the world.

  4. Kolio says:

    Good shots,which lens do you use?

  5. Deserted and yet pristine and beautiful. Great job conveying the feel of your neighborhood during the snowstorm. Really enjoyed the series.

  6. Loca Gringa says:

    Fabulous shots, I moved to the tropics from central Canada, you are making me homesick 🙂 yup … palm trees are great, but missing the snow.

  7. smilecalm says:

    To a x-country skier your neighborhood looks like heaven. Someone needing to drive might have a different view, eh?

  8. mrsbubsmith says:

    beautiful photos

  9. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  10. qiulsme says:

    Nice black and white shoot 🙂

  11. joserasan66 says:

    Ufffff… Muy Bonitas, Y Menudo Frio… Muy Buenos B&N… Un Saludo

  12. Jessica Rice says:

    Simply amazing photographs. I can’t wait to see more photos from you!

  13. Bridget says:

    I love how the trees (not the conifer in the last pic) look so unreal, stylised with snow on their branches.

  14. segmation says:

    What awesome snowy pictures. I hope you didn’t catch a cold while taking these!

  15. So beautiful. I live in a northern city, so we have several feet of snow from late October to mid-March. Somewhere in there, though, I forget to really see the snow, the contrasts, its softened drape and crystal repose. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  16. Dounia says:

    Gorgeous photos. We got hit pretty hard in CT, and it definitely makes for some beautiful scenery. I put up some photos a couple of days ago, because it was impressive how much snow we got! Thanks for sharing these, and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  17. Your pictures are wonderful. They capture that heavy silence that comes with a thick blanket of snow. So peaceful.

  18. webandother says:

    I like the pictures a lot. The neighborhood seems so quite making to forget of the storm.

  19. calonogi says:

    Beautiful photos…looks like a forgotten city

  20. Kate says:

    These photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing them. I live in San Francisco now, but for as a college student in Boston, I visited my Manhattan-based sister all the time and have never really gotten over my love for NYC. One of the things I think about the most now that I’m a Californian again is the way a city feels after a snowstorm — quiet, white, blanketed, no sign of people. That’s something we don’t get out here. Thanks for visually letting me in to the snowstorm I missed!

  21. Nice work.
    You live in one of the Hipster capitals of the world!

  22. nutiemehmed says:

    beautiful pictures!!

  23. tinkadele says:

    The snow makes everything look so much more beautiful, love the snaps.

  24. thekittchen says:

    Beautiful. It is so rare to get to photograph New York without people in the shots.

  25. Your pictures give me the chills. They are so brilliant and unique, I like!

  26. Mechanica says:

    Beautiful pictures, I hope you guys are ok up there

  27. paintlater says:

    Beautiful. Makes me want to be a photographer. Makes me want to live in Brooklyn. Cheers

  28. elbablogs says:

    Great photos of Crown Heights neighborhood. I enjoy it to see the area. Thanks for sharing.

  29. vigilantcosmopolitan says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  30. monk-monk says:

    these pictures are stunning, and have a nostalgic quality to them!

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  32. lemonmom says:

    How pretty. I miss snowy days. Winter in WA is to warm for me.

  33. Great pictures! It looks so peaceful, a blanket of snow.

  34. Kendall says:

    your photos are gorgeous, I love the one under the bridge of the LIRR, the black and white really makes the scene even more beautiful.

  35. Michael says:

    Congratulations on being “freshly pressed”! Thanks for bringing back childhood memories of snow falls in Brooklyn. I remember watching the snow come down in the late ’60s from my second floor window of my family’s brownstone on 4th Street in Park Slope and the excitement of going in the 3rd Street entrance to Prospect Park and entering a magical world. Great memories! Great Photos!

  36. aprilmski says:

    Beautiful. I almost felt like I was there. Love fresh fallen snow and how it glistens like powered diamonds. And NYC and all the boroughs are so pretty when covered in snow. Thank you for sharing with us!

  37. …beautiful… I grew up somewhere it doesn’t snow… (rain is a poor substitute, a very poor second cousin!)… I now live in a place where we get a coupla inches every 2-3 winters…. I still get annoyingly enthusiastic about snow bearing weather forecasts …I still wake up at 3 in the morning to go out and take pic’s and enjoy the silence…
    …I still get excited about the coming winter (still 3 months off in the southern hemisphere)…
    …especially when I see photographs like this…beautiful.

  38. declil says:

    Looks like a post card from Xmas but glad not to have it

  39. drishism says:

    Great photos! I think my favorite is Atlantic Avenue under the LIRR

  40. Nice photoshoot. Idea: wait until summer and go back to all these very same locations and retake all these shots from the very same angles and we’ll all meet you back here for a “Before and After the Snow” montage. Is it a date?

  41. milkyminx says:

    Hi Jeremy! I like the ghosts of footprints in the snow. As I scroll through your other images, I’m reminded that trees are prettiest in winter when covered in snow.
    You’re fortunate to live in a neighbourhood which inspires you, and which you love. All the best as you continue capturing images you find there and abroad.//mm

  42. G.L says:

    Nice pictures but I love the last one 🙂

  43. I grew up in the midwest, but have lived in California for the past thirty-two years. Loved the pictures of the snow. I am in Chicago visiting my son and his family and built a snowman with my grandkids. It brought back wonderful memories of my childhood. Thank you for sharing your unique pictures. Nice work

  44. That might just be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

  45. This is so beautiful! You are so flipping talented!

  46. varun321 says:

    The pictures are great! I like the way you captured the neighborhood during the storm. also like how the street lights turned out as more of stars than man-made objects

  47. Great pictures. I live on Long Island and was snowed in for days. I forgot how beautiful the snow can be. So peaceful looking. Your 1st picture labled Bergen Street is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing!

  48. pezcita says:

    Whoa, you were lucky to get while most of the snow was still undisturbed. That happens pretty fast here. As a kid, I can remember thinking that my work wasn’t done until there were footprints over every square inch of the backyard.

  49. You take great photos. I liked a number of them. Looking forward to your next posts.

  50. Ankita says:

    Whoa! This is the kind of place i dream of visiting someday.. And yes, beauty amplified by your photographs too! 🙂

  51. I feel you! I was in the same storm.

  52. Great photos. I love the black and white

  53. Wonderful! I love the black and white!

  54. Otrazhenie says:

    Beautiful pictures 🙂

  55. tzayka says:

    I really enjoyed your photography. Your pictures have a very Edward Hopper kind of feel to them. Keep up the good work!

  56. talkingants says:

    Nice post . Professional photographer.

  57. Gorgeous photos. I love the Kingston Avenue one, great work.

  58. I feel like I know Brooklyn a little better now. Thanks.

  59. Photos are beautiful and I especially like that most of them show “untouched” snow. It gives them a more of a surreal effect. Well done.

  60. laurawrites1 says:

    I loved these photos and especially loved this documentary that let me take a walk through the snow in your neighborhood early one morning without so much as a parka or boots.

  61. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Wow, beautiful photos, it’s amazing to see the streets so deserted. Under the train track is my favorite 🙂


  62. I enjoy your pictures, thanks for sharing the calm of your and a NY neighborhood under snow, it could be 50 years ago, there is some timelessness, I feel.

  63. Marti Parham says:

    Lovely photos. The one thing I love about snow falls like this is how peaceful and quiet the surroundings are at those moments. Your images remind me of that feeling when all you may hear is the crunch of your own foot step. Congrats on being Pressed!

  64. mdprincing says:

    Beautiful, I love the B&W. Snow makes for an awesome canvas

  65. Great work! Isn’t snow fantastic for photography: eye candy everywhere you look… my only lack has been photography skill and such. I have great fun with my phone, the results these days are far better than I deserve, but you complete the package: talent, clearly. Thanks. Unless you mind, I plan to re-post your work in my blog.

  66. JT says:

    Beautiful use of contrasts and monochromatic insights. Nice work!

  67. December Jewel says:

    You got hit with a snowstorm like we did in Massachusetts… It was so picturesque… And I love your pictures! I should have taken pictures of where I lived, but I would not have been successful walking in 25 inches of snow. 😀

  68. Laura4NYC says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve taken some during the storm around Grand Army Plaza, Park Slope, and Prospect Park (so pretty close to Crown Heights).

  69. Such beautiful photographs! Stunning.

    Thank you for sharing your art.

    ❤ Jules

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  71. This is a stunning collection of snow-scapes. It’s so wonderful how a little bit of nature can interupt our lives and make things look so surreal. Fantastic post. Definitively a favourite 🙂 – I may even use one as a desktop background if you don’t mind?
    This post is just what i needed to cheer me up thanks!

  72. collzorgs says:

    Wow. You captured the moment pretty clearly.

  73. Kris F says:

    A serene silence, almost a bygone era captured here.

  74. mzluvlii says:

    I love Crown Heights too. I want to move there one day. Great pics by the way!!!

  75. The city looks so quite….

  76. Blue Rose Photography says:

    the one with the three benches is my favorite ! really stunning.

  77. prosewithabbitude says:


  78. chrisbbi says:

    Great shots. A nice capture of fresh snowfall.

  79. Nice photos!! You’re making me want to take out the camera and snaps some black and white. Snow is so hard to photograph and I rarely see it in Seattle anyway.
    Good job!

  80. Molly says:

    These photos are great. I love near Columbus Circle – it is amazing to see how different our neighborhoods look even though we are so close!

  81. inidna says:

    Oh my goodness! These pictures are so beautiful! They embody everything that I love about snow and what it does to the surroundings! Some of them look so surreal… Thanks for sharing such great snaps 🙂

  82. Jo says:

    Great photos! They work really well in b&w. Obviously the first one of Bergen street is just amazing and so magical. Apropos snow and Bergen…that is the name of a city in Norway (where there are mountains of snow in the winter). In the second picture, the tree looks majestic somehow. Number seven @Kingston Avenue is also pretty cool- I like the depth. There’s another picture that stuck out to me: the 11th one (of St. Andrew’s playground that would be I think)…it’s simply beautiful.

  83. jasmine says:

    So magical. It takes me back to my days in the Bronx, walking on the fresh snow in the late evening with my dog. Thank you, Jeremy.

  84. Great post right there! I liked it. If you ever want to know about Ocean Sports and Turism visit our site


  85. Perfect. Winter is the most glorious season 🙂

  86. faizahazeem says:

    Beautiful pictures. Your neighbourhood looks lovely. Living in a city in rainy old England, such sights are rare. And I love snow for it has a unique elegance to it: not only is it capable of covering but further beautifying all that it comes in contact with. Snow is an inspiration.

  87. writer77 says:

    I can hear the quiet. I can feel the cold. Amazing!

  88. I love how the snow sticks to the branches of the trees and weighs them down. That’s my favorite! Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  89. gorgeous….i love the snow…beautiful captures….congratulations on freshly pressed!

  90. TheLakeBoy says:

    Great pictures, it’s like a zombie-apocalypse

  91. beingserbian says:

    I love your pictures. I don’t love the snow, though 😉

  92. PAK TONO JAWA says:

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  93. Sajan says:

    The first picture reminds me of HIMYM. Great shots.

  94. Very nice set of black & White photos 🙂 Congratulations on freshly pressed!

  95. AnnaAmelie says:

    I love how people who live in places where snow isn’t such a common thing, are able to show the beauty of it. I live in Latvia, which is near Russia, Finland, Sweden, and snow and cold winters is “the way it is”, and lots of us can’t wait for snow to melt and summer to start. So I’m really thankful that there are people like you, taking beautiful photos of snow and reminding us how lucky we actually are 🙂

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  97. Your pictures are really beautiful!

    You should see Finland right now, totally coverd with tons of snow 🙂

  98. BubliBeauty says:

    wonderful pics … awesome blog

  99. softcottonbeauty says:

    Great images.

  100. rodalena says:

    There is such a sense of peace and quiet in your photos. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your lovely neighborhood.

  101. Shaun says:

    Amazing pictures, I wish our media over here would stop acting like our flurries are the end of the world! I’d love to walk through those scenes 🙂

  102. insentives says:

    Nice work, I really enjoyed being part of it for a while!

  103. jlorenzo93 says:

    Very beautiful pictures.

  104. Love the light in the trees! I live in South Pembrokeshire, Wales. I didn’t see snow this year. Thanks for sharing. I walked in the snow with you 😉

  105. cmsaunders says:

    Some stunning work, Jeremy! Rock on…

  106. My favorite time in the City; you can feel the quiet.

  107. sagescenery says:

    Beautiful photos! Showing the reasons why I now live in FL! Ha! My sister lives in Brooklyn, so I saw her photos of the 12 inches of snow! Then I send her photos of the sunsets at the beach!

  108. yearwood3 says:

    Reblogged this on yearwood3's Blog and commented:
    Nice pics of a neighborhood in the borough of Bklyn!

  109. yearwood3 says:

    Nice pics of a neighborhood in the borough of Bklyn!

  110. Beautiful black and white shots. It almost makes me long to experience winter, but then I think of the hot day we had in So Cal and I am good!

  111. spooncave says:

    Your neighborhood is beautiful and artistic, especially coupled with snow.

  112. bcwriter29 says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen photographs–of that wonderful, “SILENT NIGHT!” What’s
    interesting to me is that we had the same idea! I also took several photos of my neighborhood.
    My photographs were not taken with any expensive camera, but the photos were also amazing.
    They were so peaceful, and your right The Bronx was so clean, tranquil, and void of darkness.
    I love what snow does to our surroundings . . . I always have! I posted one of my photos take a
    look. Thanks for sharing! Hope to hear from you again in my blog! ~~B~~

  113. ThorNews says:

    Wow – great photos ! I can feel the cold breeze. In Norway, we have snow from November to April. It is beautiful, but we all miss the sun and the Spring. However, if you are not yet tired of the snow and cold, you can visit ‘the Ship in the Ice’ at the archipelago of Svalbard. It is a spectacular sight:

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  115. Gorgeous photos! I especially like the snow covered brownstones, living in Kitchener, Ontario (in the one and only 1800’s row house)….that would be Canada. Looks like home!

  116. I love pictures of the city under snow. These are excellent pictures!

  117. Tim Brosnan says:

    Wow! Great shots. I feel cold just looking at them. Thanks.

  118. Really enjoyed these. I live in a rural area, but I remember how special snowfall in the city could be.

  119. I love the look of snow on photographs about as much as I hate actual snow on the ground. On photos, it looks peaceful, shimmery and almost romantic. Under the tires of my car it’s a squishy, dirty, dangerous mess! Great pics!

  120. runcolbyrun says:

    Quiet. And beautiful. Well done.

  121. Chas Spain says:

    The shot of the benches and their snowy cushions against the brick wall could be a Hockney or a Warhol – fantastic

  122. love these so beautiful hope to be as talented as you soon!

  123. bekiwills says:

    Love these, moody deserted with a sense if melancholy.

  124. Maya says:

    Gorgeous photographs! I took a few shots with my cell phone camera from my bedroom window (Gowanus) but kudos to you for trekking it out there. So worth it to see these beauties! PS – Love your passion for your neighborhood!

  125. Nick says:

    Pretty nice shots! My favorite season is winter because of the celestial vibe given off by snow. To me, it appears that those who hate winter simply can’t enjoy what nature has to offer.

  126. WOW, You’re a great photographer. I’ve seen snow this bad in Minneapolis during the 1980s. Now I live in Reno and we have none here and most likely won’t for the remainder of winter.

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  128. Reblogged this on gracealleytreasures and commented:
    Some nice shots of my old neighborhood.

  129. Ananosseis says:

    Absolutely fantastic work. B&W pics are my favorites. Congrats!

  130. Speechless, breathless, I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  131. Mary Young says:

    Loved the pictures. I felt like I could hear the snow hushed quiet just looking at them.

  132. visafacile says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Goog blog !

    Visa team

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