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INTERPOL for iHeartRadio

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite bands for Clearchannel/iheartradio last week.  These shoots are always a whirlwind, 3 portraits in 15 min.  Once again though, I managed to pull off some great shots.  The 13 song concert in the iheartradio Theatre was amazing!  For more visit iheartradio



Video Interview I Did For Mother Jones Magazine

My Neighborhood, Under Snow 2.9.13

I love my neighborhood, Crown Heights Brooklyn.  At night, lit only by the street lights, there are typically people out, and traffic at all hours.  During the wee hour of the morning on Sunday, this was not the case, as we were in the midst of a snow storm.  Certainly not the biggest we’ve had, which allowed me to go out and photograph.  I was only out for a couple of hours and didn’t go too far, but this is what I saw.

harris_130209-1677Bergen Street

harris_130209-1678harris_130209-1679harris_130209-1680 harris_130209-1684

Kingston Ave at Bergen

harris_130209-1681harris_130209-1686Kingston Avenue

harris_130209-1687harris_130209-1691Atlantic Avenue under the LIRR

harris_130209-1692St. Andrew’s Playground

harris_130209-1700harris_130209-1707harris_130209-1711harris_130209-1701harris_130209-1712harris_130209-1716Fulton Street at Kingston Avenue


Fulton Street at Thompkins

harris_130209-1720Fulton Street

harris_130209-1728Brooklyn Avenue



Fuji X-Pro1

Got this little guy in the mail today. The Fuji X-Pro1 with 35mm lens. Pre ordered it back in January. It was love at first sight! Been reading the initial reviews and everyone seems to love it. I’m personally hoping it will reinvigorate my love of photography and become my camera of choice got personal work and assignments. Not to dis my 5D Mk 2, but that things a beast.
I’m going to take my new friend out for a test tomorrow and will post photos ASAP.



Just got a copy of Popular Photography’s new book, Take Your Best Shot. Pages 18 and 19 feature 6 of my photos and a description of how to Rock A Live Show.

“Shoot To Thrill: Established rock photographer Jeremy Harris, who took these photos, gets access that most of us only dream of: super close or on the stage…..”


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