Matthew “Van” Parrish, for The Wall Street Journal

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Matthew Parrish, a fantastic singer and snappy dresser.

Parrish is a former J.P. Morgan Security Guard/Greeter who’s job was eliminated due to the bank’s expense cuts.

Here he is giving a concert for the seniors at the Rosetta Gaston Senior Center in Brooklyn, NY.

40768. Matthew Van Parrish. Rosetta Gaston Senior Center. Brooklyn NY.

40768. Matthew Van Parrish. Rosetta Gaston Senior Center. Brooklyn NY.

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Sterling Rope Campaign

I recently had the pleasure of working with Albany based design and marketing firm ID29, on images for Sterling Rope.  We created portraits of a variety of people who use Sterling ropes: Firefighters, professional climbers, and arborists.  Two day shoot, one at a fantastic climbing gym in Long Island City, The Cliffs.  Day two, at the Sterling Rope factory in Biddeford, Maine.

Both days went amazingly well, and I had a blast working with the guys at ID29, the clients from Sterling, and of course my amazing crew of talented make-up artists, and assistants.

Below are a few set photos and samples from the new Sterling Rope catalog.  Images will also be used for packaging and trade show booths!


Pro Climber Mayan Smith-Gobat


Pro Climber Kevin Jorgeson


Pro Climber Whitney Boland


Pro Climber Joe Kinder


Pro Climber Chris Sharma


Pro Climber Mark Synnott

08 09


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3 Days Grace for iheartradio


3 Days Grace

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St. Nicholas Coal Breaker

The old St. Nicholas Coal Breaker, outside Mahanoy City, PA was at one time the largest and most productive coal breaker in the world; divided into two separate halves that could be run independently—each producing 12,500 tons of coal per day, the plant producing 25,000 tons of coal per day when running at full capacity. It had a single-hopper dumper building feeding its conveyor with two dumping bays. The left or west side of the building accommodated coal hopper cars with bottom dump doors or dump truck loads; the right and east track was a rotary dumper, capable of holding down and rotating two forty-foot hoppers on its dumper tracks.

Current status: slated for demolition









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INTERPOL for iheartradio

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite bands for Clearchannel/iheartradio last week.  These shoots are always a whirlwind, 3 portraits in 15 min.  Once again though, I managed to pull off some great shots.  The 13 song concert in the iheartradio Theatre was amazing!  For more visit iheartradio


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Prospect Park and the Haitian Rara

One of my favorite places to spend time in Brooklyn, is Prospect Park.  Yesterday afternoon, my friend and fellow photographer Josh Kristal, and I, took a bike ride there.   While leisurely cruising around, we came upon a very friendly Jamaican family, who offered us a plate of food.  Delicious home cooked ribs, jerked chicken, black beans and rice.


We offered them some money which they refused, but they did agree to pose for a family portrait, which I promised to send them via email.

After our meal, we heard music coming from a clearing on the other side of a patch of trees.  Josh recognized it as a Haitian Rara, typically a form of music festival that takes the form of a procession and happens during Easter Week.  Upon closer inspection we realized if was more of an impromptu jam session with about 15 musicians playing drums, cow bells, blocks, and horns made from PVC pipe and funnels.  The songs where rhythmic and hypnotic and went on for ten minutes or more.  The gathering of people who surrounded the “band” looked on while smoking, dancing, joining in with singing and clapping.









The sun was quickly setting.  As I was shooting a portrait of Josh on his bike, a group of children came over and asked me to photograph them, which I did.  They were so delighted by the process, the two oldest (girl and the boy) took a turn taking photos, with a quick instruction on how to do it.  The whole experience was quite inspiring and was a great finale to one of the best weekends I’ve had in my life.








And when the kids took over.





All images made with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the 27mm pancake lens.



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Bootblacks Merch Photos

Had the pleasure recently working with Brooklyn band Bootblacks on photos for their online merch page.


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